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If you can use your mother tongue you can use a foreign language too.

Linguastudio INGLIS offers language courses for all kinds of customers. Apart from our long experience in providing educational courses we offer tutors who by their professionalism keep their strong position in a competitive market.

Our advantage is following the academic and scientific research in the field of cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics from leading institutions and universities.

The knowledge we gain is directly implemented in our courses. We do not promise a quick learning or a magic method. What we do promise is hard work in the classes and results which are motivating to continuous learning.

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Based on the initial interview with a client or on a language diagnostic test (given in the clients native language and with his/her consent) the tutor selects the most appropriate method from which the client will benefit. Thus, the tutors approach is very individual and is focused on specific needs of the client according to the  diagnostic profile.

Learning and supportive materials are prepared for each client separately and are included in the price.

Each class contains sufficient practice.

How do we do it?

The fundamental principles reflect findings of scientific fields dealing with research in brain cognitive and language processing.

Fixation of memory traces:

 We apply the model of SAM (Search of Associative Memory) and the effect of repetition priming (memory traces of a stimulus are linked to a larger context).

Levels of Processing Theory:

  • Deeper analysis produces more elaborate, longer lasting, and stronger memory traces.
  • We utilise elaborative rehearsal which together with deep analysis improves long-term memory.

The vocabulary is prepared on the principle of semantic hierarchy: superordinate level of concepts is more stable in memory.

We train prosodic patterns. A lack of their knowledge means that you can use a foreign language but cannot understand a native speaker.

We do not neglect teaching parsing. Parsing is matching grammatical structures with a proper meaning. We make use of simple method of minimizing nodes. In basic parsing we try to minimize nouns and verbal phrases. Other parts are added gradually in accordance with the grammaticality of the language.


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